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“To use something that someone else has made or done in order to get an advantage.”  —  Cambridge Dictionary

PiggyBack is an investment publication that studies the capital allocation of proven and promising value investors. We do so to learn, and to find attractive value investing ideas in the global public stock markets.

The inaugural issue of the free PiggyBack Letter (PBL) introduces our "piggyback investing” concept further.

PiggyBack Letter (PBL)

Throughout the year, PBL offers free, weekly value investing insight. We analyze proven and promising investors’ capital allocation – in past, present, and potential future investing. Our focus is global public stock markets.

PBL targets long-term, fundamental stock investors, experienced and new.

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  • Gain insights into your investment process. PiggyBack highlight the successes, mistakes, and strategies of selected active investors worth studying.

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  • 100% independent research. To best serve subscribers PiggyBack will avoid service offerings or sponsorships in conflict with research independence.

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PiggyBack will introduce a future paid premium research subscription. This upgrade will provide actionable value-investing stock ideas to PBL subscribers who run active portfolios. Likely subscribers are do-it-yourself investors, professionals in money management, and discretionary portfolio clients.

Early free PBL subscribers will receive heads-up on the launch, with introductory offers.


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Who brings you PiggyBack?

Johan Eklund, CFA

Johan has started PiggyBack as a solo research publication venture for Intrinsic Value AB. He is a CFA Charterholder and holds MSc Finance and BSc Economics degrees. Since the run-up to the Global Financial Crisis, Johan has alternated between Financial Media and Equity Research.

Johan Eklund, CFA, founding analyst/author of PiggyBack. Photo as of May 2022

Johan is a native of Sweden’s West Coast, an industrious and beautiful coastal region. From there he enjoys having a geographical underdog perspective on the investment world. Add an inquisitive mind and value-investing bias and find a contrarian by heart.


PiggyBack is a Swedish publication registered under Sweden’s Fundamental Law on Freedom of Expression. Johan Eklund is the Responsible Editor. (See Disclaimer)

For feedback on content, just e-mail or reach out on social media.

Intrinsic Value AB

Is the publisher and copyright holder of PiggyBack. Johan Eklund is the owner and operator of this Swedish company.


Is the company that provides the technology for smooth delivery of this and other interesting niche publications. For questions about PiggyBack’s e-mail delivery, subscription payments, and other platform questions, please access customer support.

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Founding Analyst at PiggyBack (piggyback.one). Value investing nerd. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). MSc Finance, BSc Economics. Former equity research analyst and financial journalist. Swede